My issue to go into. It started out as something fun and light hearted I could do while I was recovering from surgery. I was sending them out to friends until I was challenged to deeper, to really look at what we’re putting out there-the messages we are sending to each other, the hurtful images and unrealistic goals we still put on ourselves and other women.

I’ll be sending these postcards out and will track them on social media with the hashtag #herartforgood. If you would like one or know of a place where one would make an impact, please let me know!

Stop Flipping Pages

Hey all-pcards

I took a break for quite some time. It’s funny how you can put things in your planner in bold pen until the Universe says otherwise…

Some good changes, some bad. Some new opportunities for growth with my body, my art and my passion for protection and self defense. I’ll work harder to share more with you here.

I’m still sculpting and will share more WIP on the new set of rings I’m doing, but in the mean time mixed media has taken my intention and intensity. Because unless you live in a cave (and some days I’d like to) you are aware of all the crazy unrest in the world. I’m not going to judge, rant or shout from my soap box. I’m going to pick one issue, a REAL issue, and go deep.

I’ve worked in the fashion and beauty industries for a long time. I’ve met some amazing people. And I’ve seen some horrible things, especially in the treatment of women and the fabrications that we sell to ourselves and the women around us. I’m a mom. I have 2 girls. I’ll write more with each piece. I’m making post cards with clippings from fashion magazines and anonymously mailing them with the hashtag: herartforgood

It’s my way of drawing attention to what we, as women, are doing TO EACH OTHER.

Stay tuned! And follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see the cards as they are released into the wild!