Encouragement vs. Inspiration

20180914_114702 “I got you a leaf Mama. I like when you paint leaves.”

And so…I painted leaves. I didn’t know how much I needed to. How did she know? She’s 8. How could she sense what I needed better than I could?

Artists are often asked what inspires them-fellow artists, periods of time, methods and materials.. I’d like to talk about what encourages me. Thanks to the Virago Gallery I’m still busy at work creating a new line of pop icon paintings regarding women’s issues.

20180910_171914.jpgI’ll admit it takes a lot out of me to research, layout and execute one of these. The painting brings me joy. The act of creating is fulfilling. The fact that I get to share my thoughts on things that are important to me is humbling. What keeps me slogging through articles about human trafficking, rape, glass ceilings and mom shaming without needing to spend a week with the covers over my head is my girls. There uncanny ability to pull me back into focus, wrap me up in perspective and fill in gaps of despair with painting leaves and ‘snuggle puddles’.

I will be posting more of my journey through these paintings.  It’s important for me to share not only because I believe in the messages and some of them are very timely, but I believe in the PROCESS of how they are becoming. How I do, not just why I do. And I will share the breaks in between. The leaves.

Something to keep in mind this week. Sometimes what we create in the small is just as important as what want to create for the big picture.

I’m baaaack!

Real talk time. Summer’s over. My daughters head back to school today and I’m sitting in a quiet house, sipping extra strong coffee, wondering what is the best way to get the blog up and running again. My goal is to post every Friday.
I’m not one for excuses. I got lazy. I forgot. I worked through other social media outlets.
I painted a lot. I am continuing to work on the Patron Saints of Women series. It makes me happy. It’s meaningful work. But there is only so much reading about misogyny and human trafficking you can read about before you need to change your mental filter.
At night I’ve been bingeing all the episodes of The Venture Brothers. (thank you Hulu) and dipping my toe into puddle of pattern design. Because nothing sets my OCD at ease like creating overlapping circles.
Buckle up. I’m dragging you on this creative jaunt too!