Need Not Apply…


Our Lady of the Wage Gap

Is the wage gap for real, or are women who chose to have children choosing lower paying and less high-profile careers in exchange for more flexibility in the workplace? Or both?

There is a wage gap between men and women AND an opportunity gap. Over the course of their career, men move into higher level roles at significantly higher rates than women. Women are often poorly represented at higher levels of the talent pipeline. The most significant cause is the gap in career progress due to family caretaking.

Our Lady is white, blonde haired and blue eyed, Traditional American traits that should take her right to the top! If she were male. Look! She’s even got the power suit. Doesn’t that count?

Her halo is the ‘glass ceiling’, which she has put quite a crack in.

Her left fist is bold over her heart, nestled in a cog, reminiscent of common worker’s rights symbols. She is prepared to give her all and do her best.

She turns her head away from the painful reminder that she earns less than her male counterparts to look lovingly at her male child, who could grow up to earn more than she does.

Her child holds her degree as if it were his. Both are equally tied to her career path.