The last Horn. Or Halo?

Cheers everyone! Here is an update on the project. I’m working on the last relic in the series but with the world upside down, I’ve hit a bit of a setback. So, until I can get to the kiln, St. Vexa’s shrunken head will be a chalky clay hunk and until I can get to a thrift store to get coffee tumblers to work on, her shrine will be a sketch, and a pile of sticky gems… could be worse.

Here is the in progress on St. Vexa. Next I’ll be sharing the story out line and how this all will lay out for galleries!

The 24 ounce shrine of St. Vexa design

St Vexa of the Perpetually Annoyed-Patroness of Those Who Can’t Even was an intra-generational  Guest Experience Coordinator at a hair salon in Seattle.

Vexa (Claire White-Numen*) was martyred when she died of the Seattle Freeze.  After a season of failed encounters and missed rendezvous, Vexa’s ability to inform and influence the motives of her social media following became severely compromised.  Already dissipating in an atmosphere of undeserved invisibility, she succumbed to the Freeze when a clearly unlearned barista failed to heed her very civilized and resolute requests for the additional cinnamon for her daily green tea, 3 shot, nonfat soy latte with exactly 4 shots of cinnamon, stirred in counterclockwise.

With the preservation of her lissome and deftly exfoliated countenance, we venerate Vexa’s multiple, cross posting social media accounts, where she broadcast her message of self-demonstration via her many selfies, inspirational quotes, and homemade essential oil recipes.

Her Feast Day is September 29th, in conjunction with National Coffee Day.

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