This is Su

I was raised in the cosmopolitan nerve center of northern NJ.

If my parents could see beyond their own provincial upbringing to tell me the truth that I could, truly, make a living with my crayons, I never would have labored past kindergarten. But they did not. And so I had to learn Algebra and wear itchy gym uniforms.

When I moved to Orlando, FL, I entered my Renaissance period of Creative A.D.D and set my skills and near goldfish like attention span to wearable art and accessories.

Now as a new resident of the Pacific North West, I am returning to the roots of my training in illustration, animation and sequential story telling (which is a fancy way of saying I paint pictures, draw comics and make cartoons) as well as further develop my love of getting my hands dirty with clay, poking myself with needles and thread, hitting things with hammers and setting them on fire.

And crayons….always crayons…

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