Horns & Halos

Whew…this winter has taken it’s toll in so many ways. But to the good, the next series is almost completely finished! Doing something a bit different this time. Mixed Media pieces.

AND a new twist. Along with the storylines for each saint I am in process of writing a short story to be told on Twitter, that will chronicle the relics on tour and the lives they change. I’ll keep you updated!


St. Superbia The Affectatious-Patron of Distended Heads was an Artisan Sandwich Engineer in Manhattan. This job, of course, was just to be close to ‘real people’ as he worked to bring his word to the stage.

Superbia (Stan Boring) was martyred after bemoaning the shortage of locally grown, organic, fair trade wheat grass to an already truculent customer. Upon breaking into a rendition of ‘You Gotta Have a Gimmick’ (Gypsy), he was met with a fatal choking mouthful of day-old Ezekiel bread.

We venerate Superbia’s ‘gimmick’ — his commitment to ill-informed, consumer-driven vogues — with the preservation of his vast and vaporous head. His feast day is November 3rd, which is coincidentally National Sandwich Day.

St. Motus of the Zealously Credulous, Patroness of Uncritical Thinking, was a self-proclaimed civil rights activist who could be seen at any and all protests and rallies. Fist raised, sign held high, she would histrionically proclaim her message of “SCIENCE = TYRANNY.”

Motus (Roseanne Blaschko) was a founding member of Mom Calls the Shots: The Pro-Choice Inoculation Front” in Salem, OR, to advocate for a mother’s choice to be intransigent regarding scientifically-driven thinking around children’s health, including the right to freedom from having to consider the benefits of this thinking.   St Motus’ doctrine emphasized the principle of obdurate individualism regardless of the situation; she gathered around her a large following dedicated to this thinking. 

She was martyred by a curable illness when she volunteered to be the ‘independent variable’ in at an elementary school science fair project.

We venerate her impressionable heart, held aloft in the model of her sign-bearing hand.

Motus’ Feast Day is March 16, which allows those who venerate her to highlight National Vaccination Day.  To spotlight Motus, free vaccinations will be administered to all who donate $25 or more.

St. Beneficius, Enabler-Patron of the Extra Special, was a mulitple year PTSA Golden Acorn Volunteer of the Year winner from (a Good Neighborhood), a position they used to initiate those around them into their canon of COMM(UNITY), regardless of who might not qualify for inclusion.

St Beneficius (Identity confirmation withheld) was martyred when run over by a hastily wielded Prius; Beneficius required that the driver move the Prius after finding it parked in their Volunteer of the Month spot. The driver, seized with petty wrath, responded by squashing the Saint

We venerate their vainglorious ‘No-No Zone,’ which they wielded as a Wand of Authority as circumstance demanded (and convenience allowed).

Their Feast Day is November 17, also appropriately and incidentally designated National Me Day.

Art is what our feelings look like

I seem to be in a mood. I’ve been working on this piece and I’m torn about the best way to make the mold for it. And I did 3 materials tests before I got what I wanted.

TrungArt is hard.

It’s work. It’s time consuming. It’s exhausting. It’s not ‘what I do’ as much ‘who I am’ but if you know me, you know I do not mean that in the glitter covered, non-personal responsibility way it could be interpreted.

Truthfully, if I didn’t have my art I wouldn’t be a very good person. And it would SUCK to know me.

When I see artisans or small businesses post the treacle of ‘when you buy small you’re paying a a little girl to get dance lessons’, I shudder. Guess what-when you buy big you’re paying for that too, maybe you just don’t get to look the specific kid in the eye. SOMEBODY is benefitting from commerce no matter what.

When  you tell me or another artist that our work is ‘too much’ or ‘ I can find that on Pinterest and do it’, I used to get so mad I’ve cracked teeth. But I don’t anymore. You can’t fix stupid. And that is exactly what that mentality is. Stupid.

When you buy a hand crafted work of ANY sort, wanna know what you are really paying for? Years of education. Internships. Shitty jobs so to buy art supplies. Years of living on Jolt Cola and Snickers bars to make deadlines. Learning how to paint with both hands. Burns from a torch. Cuts from machinery. Years taken off a life from lack of sleep because the project JUST WON’T FUCKING TURN OUT THE WAY I WANT IT. Lonliness. No one awake at 2 am when something goes wrong. No one awake at 2 am to celebrate when something goes right. Trial and error. Learning curves. Arthritis. Missed school recitals. Marketing plans we have no business writing on our own. Learning Quick Books and Excel. Legal Fees. Exposing yourself openly on social media. Therapy. A spouse’s forgiveness. Unwalked dogs. Being able to let go of something you created and hope that someone will treat it as lovingly as you did.

In other words. A life. An artist is allowing you-asking you to share a moment with them-to share a feeling. ALL the feelings and work and ups and downs it took  to complete that piece. And they want to share it with YOU. Hope that you get as much from it as they did.

So if that all seems a little weighty to consider every time you look to buy some hand made earrings, or clothing or a painting or resin collectable-it is. And both you and the artist deserve the consideration.